Cyber Awareness Training

Help the business and employees become well-versed in protecting the organisation with tailored cyber awareness training

Countless hackers across the world are conducting cyber-attack every second of every day, and it isn’t just the large organisations they target – on the contrary, small businesses actually receive around half of all attacks, as hackers expect their security systems to be weaker, and their staff more vulnerable.

Cyber awareness training is therefore an important part of any organisation's security strategy. This is the process of educating your employees about cyber threats and how to protect their information and systems. By providing employees with these resources and strategies, businesses of all sizes can help to reduce the risk of being a phishing attack victim like spear phishing or whaling.

At Cautio, we are a boutique IT security consultancy firm offering tailored cyber awareness training to your team. Our specialists can take the time to understand your industry and help you to identify the key risks, as well as inform you on common techniques to thwart malicious attacks.

To learn more about how you can get started, contact us at Cautio today by calling 1300 152 129.

Why Conduct Cyber Awareness Training in Your Organisation?

The benefits of cyber awareness training include:

Reducing the risk of a data breach or ransomware attacks

Enhancing employee knowledge about how to protect their organisation's information and systems

Helping employees identify malicious emails and other online threats

Increasing employee vigilance in safeguarding organisational data and systems

Promoting safe online behaviours that can help protect an organisation's networks and data

In addition to reducing the risk of cyber-attacks, cyber awareness training can also help organisations to improve their overall security posture, with employees being more vigilant when it comes to suspicious activity, especially through emails or attachments.

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Cyber awareness training is not a substitute for other security measures, but it can be an important part of an organisation's overall security plan. For more information on cyber awareness training and how you can get started with Cautio, please contact us at 1300 152 129, email us at or submit an online enquiry today. 

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